Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Archive Photo of the Week

Anderson College student playing frisbee, 1981

Photo Contest Winner

Our winning photo from our Spring semester photo contest
Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Archive Photo of the Week

Powderpuff Football Game, 1969

Student Library Survey Results

The new online library survey garnered responses from 264 students – 57 Freshmen, 58 Sophomores, 59 Juniors, 79 Seniors, and 11 Masters.
More than half, 156, were Boarding. There were also 49 Commuters, 55 ACCEL, and 4 Distance Education.
The online form garnered the largest number of comments ever, and the most detailed comments in the following categories:
· Hours – 29 – Students want longer weekend hours.
· Computers – 13 – Students want
o Longer Bunton Lab Hours
o MS Office added to Reference Computers
o More Curriculum Lab Computers
· Collections – 9 – Students want a bigger, newer collection. Various subject areas were identified
· Staff – 8 – Students like us.
· Curriculum Lab – 5 – Education majors want more computers and do not want to share.
· Food/Drink – 3 – Students want to eat and drink in the library.
· General – 2
· Masters Program Students – 3
· ACCEL Students – 10

Best scores were – Facilities (4.6)) and Staff -Helpful (4.3),Staff - Knowledgeable ( 4.3), and Student Workers – Helpful (4.2).

Worst scores were – Interlibrary Loan (3.4), Off Campus Access to Online Sources (3.5), and Hours (3.5).

Analysis –All scores, high, low, and in-between were consistent with past surveys.

Surprises -
· Five times as many students visit the library than use its online resources despite the fact that its circulation for its online resources is significantly higher than its in house resources. It is possible that students included other parts of the Thrift Building (Java City, Bunton Lab, etc.) in their estimate. At any rate, visits do not seem to equate to circulation. They may have more to do with study, in house classes, and use of computers.
· In the newly added Personal Knowledge Assessment Category, students gave themselves high marks for Research Skills, Copyright, Plagiarism, and Citation, and lower scores for Database and eBooks skills.

Categories -
· Seniors were the hardest group on collections and hours.
· Masters scored the library highest in every category except Facilities where they tied for highest.
· ACCEL students tied for highest score on facilities and computers.
· Distance Education was the hardest on Staff and Services and hammered Orientations – specifically the lack of orientations. The also had the lowest scores for Personal Knowledge. Interestingly, under Facilities, they hammered computers. However, with only four respondents, 1 ½% of the total, it is unlikely that these scores are statistically significant.

Recommendations –

Request additional library staff. Then add weekend hours.

Discussion regarding library hours - Does anybody remember how happy you were last year when the library extended it hours to midnight? Keep in mind that hours are dependent on staffing, and staffing is dependent on tuition and enrollment.
Obviously, comparing the Thrift Library to Clemson is not fair. They have ten times as many students. If you compare AU to its peer group, other private colleges in SC, then it has very good hours. In fact, only one of AU’s private college peers, Furman, is open past midnight. And if you divide our hours by the size of our staff, then we have the best hours in SC, with the exception of one or two libraries with tiny hours, but even tinnier staff.
The issue of library hours can be complex. What do students need after normal hours –Reference assistance? The ability to check out books and reserve materials? Access to computers? Access to a study area? AU has attempted to address differences in needs by:
1) Keeping the Thrift Library open until midnight,
2) Keeping the Bunton Computer Lab and Java City area open until 2:00 am.
Please note that while the Bunton Computer Lab and Java City are part of the library “building”, they are not part of the “library” and the library has no say in their hours or how they are run. However, all comments regarding the Bunton Computer Lab and Java City have been forwarded to the appropriate decision makers.

Communicate comments to IT Department.
Add a second print station downstairs.
Add a print station in Pracht Seminar Room.
Request Bunton Lab Hours to match Library’s hours so that it can support library.
Discuss Curriculum Lab concerns with Education and Masters.
Request additional computers for Curriculum Lab.
Consider limiting computer usage with more stringent policies.
Consider adding log in software to library’s computers to enforce more stringent policies.
Do a better job communicating present policies.

Discussion regarding the lack of MS Office on Reference Computers – MS Office was left off library reference computers at the request of students. Before the new library was built, all library computers had MS Office. The consequence of that decision was that students wishing to do reference were blocked by students monopolizing the reference computers for hours at a time to type papers, and there were many, many complaints. A secondary consequence was that the presence of MS Office in the library turned librarians into computer lab assistants and significantly degraded their work productivity.
At that time, with our students’ blessing, the new library was planned in such a way to keep Reference Computers (containing Internet Explorer) and computer lab computers (containing MS Office and other software programs) separate.
This is one of those problems where the cure is worse than the disease.
Discussion regarding computers in the Curriculum Lab – In response to suggestions made by education majors this year, the computers in the Curriculum Lab have been restricted to use by 1) Education Majors only, and 2) for academic purposes only. The only exception is the need to support the masters in business program until their new quarters become available.
Keep in mind that this is the “Curriculum” Lab, not the Education Department’s personal “Computer” Lab, and that it was never intended for Education majors to type papers, surf the internet, or email there. Like all other majors, these activities are intended for the Bunton Computer Lab. Instead, the Curriculum Lab’s computers are intended to support Curriculum Lab activities including hosting the 100+ education cd-roms and such installed educational software as Button Design, Graph Master, GameIt, Readability Plus, GradeQuick, etc., that are not available anywhere else.

Communicate student’s comments to faculty.

Curriculum Lab
Communicate comments to Education and Masters Departments.
Add more computers.

Staff and Services
Add online form and email delivery to assist and speed up service. Remove fees for articles.

There is a way to email overdue reminders with the updated automation system. This feature will be initiated in 2009-09.

Communicate comments to Masters Program, Education Program and IT Department.

Communicate comments to ACCEL and IT Department.
Encourage more orientations.
Develop more online orientations.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Interlibrary Loan Rules

Effective immediately the library has:
• Added an online Interlibrary Loan Form (Available from the Library Resources web page, under the "Interlibrary Loan Requests" link.)
• Begin emailing digitized articles (No need to come to the library to order or pick up articles. You will still need to pick up books.)
• Eliminated photocopy fees for articles

Exam Hours

Over the weeks of spring exams, the library's hours will be:

Thursday, April 23- 8 am- midnight
Friday, April 24- 8 am- 6 pm

Sat., April 25- 10 am- 5 pm
Sun., April 26- 3 pm- midnight

Mon., April 27- 8 am- midnight
Tues., April 28- 8 am- 9:30 pm
Wed., April 29- 9 am- 8 pm
Thurs., April 30- 9 am- 7:30 pm
Friday, May 1- 9 am- 3 pm

Saturday-Sunday, May 2-3- CLOSED

Good luck with your exams!